Portable Industrial Vacuum

As the name describes, portable vacuums are smaller than regular vacuum systems. Even though they are smaller, they remain just as strong as larger systems. They’ve been engineered for heavy use,whether indoors or outdoors and they’re capable of picking up nearly any type of material. They are usually mounted on trailer-typerollers,which makethem much easier to transport. Some industrial vacuums are fixed to a trailer that hitches to a van or truck.They’re built with a central system that handles the filtering structure.They also have a lasting filter bag life. There are a few different versions of the trailer-type rollers that varybetween two and four wheelers.

The Importance of Portability

Most industrial vacuums are quite large and heavy. Itis extremely difficult to move them around without transport equipment like a pallet jack or a truck with a hitch. If a project is enormous, for instance if there’s a large plant being cleaned, using a portable industrial vacuum saves time and money. More companies are starting to use portable industrial vacuum cleaners because they are now as strong as the larger industrial vacuums. They provide the exact same service yet they’re easier to handle. Also, companies don’t have to spend thousands of dollars in renting moving trucks to transport larger vacuums systems between areas onsite or to different jobs!

Trailer or Pallet Design?

Considering the fact that industrial vacuums are engineered to manage big loads, a few versions are mounted on a trailer or on a pallet. Pallet vacuums, also known as skid-mounted vacuums, serve the purpose of keeping the vacuum in one single spot. They are quite tough but remain compact. They typically come with a squaredcasing that averages 4” x 4” and a specialized lift enclosure. On the other hand, the trailer-mounted vacuums are much easier to move around because you simply hitch them to a work truck and drive to the new desired location. They typically measure abouteleven feet and are extremely powerful because they either run on the truck’s battery or have a separate generator just to power them, onboard the truck.

Finding Reasonable Rentals and Used Vacuums

There is a wide variety of vacuum rental companies. They offer all types of industrial vacuums but the most common ones are the truck vacuums and portable vacuums. In order to find affordable prices in both rental and used vacuums, your local classified ads are a good place to start. Most rental companies make sure to publish their ads in local newspapers. However, your best shot at finding reasonable rentals and used vacuums is by visiting popular websites such as Industrial Vacuum Equipment Corporation. You will see types of services on their site along with detailed information about vacuums. It might be smart to make a list ofthe companies you speak with that offer industrial vacuums, in order to make a well-informed decision. Reach out to them by phone to find the best price any dealers in your area can offer!

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