Industrial Vacuum Bags

An essential part of all industrial vacuum machines is the bag. The main purpose of a vacuum is to suckup dust and debris that is covering or embedded within a surface.When dirt enters the vacuum, it is filtered and transferred to a bag. That bag can be either disposable or reusable and it can be made from paper or fabric. It is important to know that not all vacuum machines are designed to clean hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead. This is because when asbestos becomes airborne, it can cause massive damage to the lungs of folks nearby. Today, most industrial vacuums are equipped with HEPA filters.

Industrial Vacuum Advantage?Space.

One of the main advantages of the modern industrial vacuum is the fact that their size has been fairly reduced. Not only do they feature powerful suction ratesbut their size has been made smaller given technological advances in vacuum manufacturing. Portable vacuums are growing popular among factories because they don’t take up much space and can be moved between rooms easily.In addition, you’ll be able to find other types of industrial vacuums such as the skid-mounted vacuum and the trailer-mounted vacuum. These also have unique advantages when it comes to portability. They tend to be large units but trailer-mounted vacuums can be driven to different sites and skid-mounted units can be transported using a pallet jack.Given their stronger water lift capacity than portable units, today’s mounted industrial vacuums are capable ofcleaninglarger areas in a shorter time.

Lining Your Vacuum Tank for Wet or Dry Material

Industrial vacuums are entirely capable of cleaning both wet and dry surfaces. Before you start using an industrial vacuum, make sure that it has line fittings that allow it to be taped off without having to solder the intake tube. In order to place a lining in your vacuum, you must make a hole in the intake tube, and then proceed to placea rubber grommet in between that will allow the insertion of the lining. This is usually done as maintenance as your vacuum gets older. When you buy a brand new vacuum, it already comes with the proper lining and fittings.If you purchase a used vacuum, you might want to perform a check as described above before using it to clean wet surfaces.

Where to Find Quality Vacuum Bags Online

Your local distributors place bulk orders for vacuum bags from manufacturers located around the world. The advantage of the internet is the opportunity to choose a price that best fits your budget. Not only will you find affordable prices, you’ll have access to top-notch quality bags. Using the internet you can visit sites such as Goodway which specializes in selling industrial vacuum machines as well as countless accessories such as bags. While exploring the site you’ll be able to find polyethylene bags with capacities of twenty and fifty gallons. You will also find other useful accessories such as poly bag holders and liners!

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