Industrial Vacuum Filters

One of the most critical parts of an industrial vacuum cleaner is the filter. There are different types of filtration systems such as mechanical, chemical and multi-stage filtration. All the different systems need a filter,and all filters require other parts such as a bag to collect vacuumed debris to work properly. One of the most recommended and widely used filters is the HEPA filter, which stands for high efficiency particulate air. It is an air filter that strictly follows the requirements that have been set by the Department of Energy (DOE).

How Industrial Vacuums Work

Industrial vacuums utilize a filter the same way a regular vacuum does.The vacuum systems usually come with attachments such as hoses, nozzles and brushes. Today, there are more than a few kinds of industrial vacuums and they’re differentiated by capacity and suction power. Generally the way these machines work is simple: when the power is turned on, it causes a fan to spin that sucks air, debris and dirt upward from the vacuum nozzle or head through a filtration system and then out an exhaust port. Some vacuums make use of bags while others use buckets or steel drums to contain vacuumed up dirt. Either way the particulate goes through a filtration system to catch small particles that’d escape through the exhaust port otherwise.A few available types of filters include:
There are other types of filters used for special applications such as the cartridge filter and the porous polyethylene filter.

Getting Replacement Parts for an Industrial Vacuum

An interesting fact about industrial vacuum machines is that it’s easy to get replacement parts. If you happen to have a broken nozzle, a leaking hose or a busted filter bag, you don’t need to purchase a new vacuum. It’s possible to purchase the specific part that you need online. This can be tremendously handy for companies that have a limited budget who’vealready invested money in a new vacuum. As time goes by and the vacuum suffers wear and tear, it’s simply to purchase just parts needed to fix the machine. There are manufacturers with online product catalogues that include vacuums parts for their machines.

Finding Cheap Parts Warehouses Online

The preferred way to find a warehouse that offers cheap parts is via the internet. By using the internet you will be able to access websites such as Air Vac Systems, which offer a tremendously large variety of parts and accessories.A few of them may only offer parts for a particular brand while others carry generic parts. The advantage of using the internet is being able to shop at stores across State or even country borders. Thanks to globalization, consumers have the opportunity to shop at online stores across the country or world for a better deal than what’s available locally. If shipping is free or cheap, you can make out like a bandit!

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