Industrial Vacuum Systems

Industrial vacuum systems are manufactured with the highest quality standards and latest technologies available. They can be designed with up to two-hundred fifty horsepower giving them a strong suction capacity. Besides the motors, they usually include:

The systems can be operated by a single person or by multiple people.The systems used to clean larger areas such as entire warehouses or plants will require more than one person for proper operation. Due to their advanced technology, most vacuum systems are relatively quiet in comparison to consumer-grade vacuums.

How A Vacuum Works

There are a wide variety of vacuum sizes and characteristicshowever; the main function is always the same. Industrial vacuums are usually designed with a filtration system that lies in front of the motor in order to prevent any tampering or contamination.First, the vacuum sucks the dirt, which then passes through a tube until it reaches a bag. That same bag, which is referred to as collection bag, is the first part of the filtration system. The second part consists of a paper filter which works to stop the bigger dust particles. The third part of the system handles water that comes into the bag. The fourth part involves woven fiberglass, which trapssmall dust particles. The fifth part is the most important part since it consists of the HEPA filter, which has been proven to achieve 99% efficiency in releasing clean air at the end of the process.

Industrial Vacuums on Pallets or Trailers

Because industrial vacuums are designed to handle large loads of dirt, some models are built mounted on a pallet or a trailer. Pallets, which are also called skids, allow vacuums to stay in one spot while operated then easily moved with a pallet jack. This type of vacuum is known as skid-mounted vacuum and they are made sturdy while quite compact. Usually they come with a square frame that measures 4” x 4” and a certified lift cage. The interesting fact about these vacuums is that they contain a steel encasement that can be locked.Unlike the skid-mounted vacuums, trailer-mounted vacuums rely on zero manpower aside from hitching the trailer to your work van or truck. They are around eleven feet long and are extremely powerful.

Getting the Right Vacuum for Your Job

When it comes time to purchasea vacuum for your workplace, the best thing to do is first determining how large the area is that needs to be cleaned. It’s also advisable to think ahead as to whether the vacuum will need to be movedfrequently.If you’re only cleaning a single room or area with the vacuum then it can remain immobile.If you do large commercial properties’ cleaning services, go with a portable vacuum. Some designs have higher suctionrates while others might have higher horsepower. By determiningthe type of debris that needs to be removed you can more effectively narrow your industrial vacuum search.

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