Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial vacuum cleaners have experienced a rising popularity due to their powerful cleaning capabilities. More businesses have been pushed into purchasing one since OSHA amended the housekeeping requirements to include proper cleaning of combustible dust to prevent explosions and fires. Manufacturers have been able to apply the latest technologies in constructing their machines; there are several different types of vacuums that each possesses specific characteristics. Some of them are able to clean wet and dry surfaceswhile others are capable of handling hazardous materials such as lead.

Larger Cleaning Projects – Larger Vacuums

A small vacuum used for the cleaning of a house would not be able to handle the cleaning of an entire office building. That is the reason why industrial vacuums exist: so they can take care of larger projects. Industrial vacuums are well equipped with powerful motors that can achieve considerably high suction power. They are able to suck up just about any type of debris or manufacturing dust that has been left behind after years of production or manufacturing. It’s also extremely common for combustible dust to be generated in workplace settingslike plants and warehouses. Industrial vacuums are capable of handling that type of waste with ease. Some vacuums come mounted on a trailer for easier mobilitywhileothers come mounted on a skid that fits the prongs of any manual or motorized pallet jack.

Renting an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Given the rising need for industrial vacuum cleaners and the lagging economy, some companies have started to rent their cleaners in addition to selling them. This is because companies that own office buildings and warehouses often don’t have the initial investment to outright purchase a brand new industrial vacuum cleaner system. A terrific option available now is to rent for the time that you need to clean, and then return the expensive heavy machinery when finished. You can find a wide variety of rental equipment at well-known companies such as Goodway and Environmental Rental Services. In some large cities such as Chicago or New York, it’s suggested to check with the rental agencies located in the suburbs since they tend to offer better prices.

Great Deals Online for Used Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

When searching the internet you’ll find a great deal of information. Almost every business has found a way to market themselveson the internet. This is due to the abundant traffic generated day to day in the virtual world. Many times advertisementsonline can be a lot cheaper than other channels such as television or radio. Since sellers can save money on the web, they are able to provide better prices on their products like vacuum cleaners, for instance. Websites that allow owners to list their used systems for low fees are a great source for snatching used vacuums. You’ll be able to view information like the model, brand and capacityonline. Companies like Vector Vacuums, offer a user-friendly website where you can find out what used equipment they have currently for sale.

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