Industrial Vacuum Packing

Industrial vacuum packaging has become quite popular over the last few years. The process of bagging and sealing your products or equipment prevents you from worrying about thembeing damaged. Industrial packing machines usually come in compact sizes and are extremely efficient when it comes to sealing bags. They are by far the best machines to use to protect your equipment and products from any type of contamination, moisture or oxidation. Typically, they’re equipped with:

Industrial Packing Machines for Labs and More

If you consider the volume of items that you are exposed to everyday such as bottles, bins or baggage,many have had a vacuum seal at one point or another. This can you give a rough idea of how much money is invested invacuum packaging. A lot of these items are sealed using industrial packing machines due to their efficiency and durability. Industrial packaging has become extremely important when it comes to laboratory items. This is because lab equipment is often used in sterile environments and vacu-sealing prevents air from contaminating the equipment. Other uses include packaging for computers and electronic devices and vacu-packaging bottles, cans and jars.

Clean-Room Safe Vacuum Packer Machines

A great majority of the devices available on the market were created for commercial use.There are smaller versions that’ve been released for consumer use within the past thirty to forty years. Commercial sealers are usedforpackaginga large number of items throughout a production line process. Clean-Room safe vacuum packers usually come with an electronic line filter and they are well equipped with a standard HEPA filter just like the larger industrial vacuum systems that are used by corporations like Snapple and Dell. Units vary in size, however, the most common ones measure 19.5” x 7.5” x 9.75” and weigh less than thirteen pounds. Their motor reaches over eight-hundred watts of power and they come with self-contained storage as an accessory to keep them safe while not being used. Keep in mind that the manufacturer should provide you with at least a three-year warranty.

Other Applications of an Industrial Vacuum Packer

Industrial vacuum packers are usually made of steel with a motor that propels the sealing process. In order to get started you basically set the time, sealing time and pressure,then close the lid. The motor then vacuums the air out and seals the product in a matter of seconds. A common application for industrial vacuum packers is the packing of food before it’s distributed and sold.For example, there is food that is sold in cans. The cans have to be sealed airtight in order to protect the product. This helps to prevent development of microorganisms that can infect and damage the food. It also stops evaporation of some of the unstable components. In some instances, a vacuum packer is utilized to seal food fit for human consumption for extended periods of time. Most compact packers can be conveniently stored at home.

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