Industrial Vacuum Trucks

Industrial vacuum trucks are well known because of their superb filtration system. As the name states, they are an industrial vacuum loaded onto a truck. They have also become the preferred vacuum product because it is relatively inexpensive to maintain them. They can operate for almost 2,000 hours without requiring a filter replacement. There are two methods of mounting the pump; one is by loading it right on the truck with power take-off drive and the other is by loading it on a trailer with what is known as a pony motor.

Outfitting a Truck with a Vacuum

Several manufacturers sell their industrial vacuum trucks as a whole.However, it is possible to outfit a truck in order to redesign it into a vacuum truck yourself. There are equipment companies that offer custom outfitting service for trucks. They can make gin pole trucks, delivery trucks and of course vacuum trucks. Keep in mind that a good outfitter will be aware of the drivelines, hydraulic systemsand most importantly the electrical systems. It is imperative that they do not damage any lines or systems because the truck needs to be able to function properly for the road first and foremost. The best mechanic will have long years of custom truck experience under his belt. It is extremely important that the outfitter does an excellent job otherwise the safety of the truck operator is compromised!

Buying a Vacuum Truck Pre-Modified

There are several different truck outfitters that take custom orders for vacuum trucks. A lot of times, thesame custom-made trucks are sold through bids and auctions. Purchasing a pre-modified vacuum truck is often cheaper than placing an order for a new truck then having equipment installed into it. There are websites, such as Darby Equipment Company, that offer pre-modified trucks available for sale in different areas of the country. Many of them have top-notch filtering systems installed from their initial modification and they can handle both dry and wet material. Another advantage of purchasing a pre-modified truck is that the price is a lot lower than purchasing directly from a manufacturer or having to pay the outfitter to mount the desired pumps and accessories.

Getting the Best Deal on Vacuum Trucks

Perhaps the best method to get a great deal on a vacuum truck is by attending bids and auctions. It is quite common for large companies to change their fleet of trucks at certain intervals of years.Since the trucks have been used for a while, they cannot sell them for high prices;they let the buyers decide who’s willing to pay the most. In most cases, there aren’t many bidders due to the specific nature of the product.You have higher chances of purchasing the truck at a fair price with fewer bidders.Also,make sure to visit the website of companies such as Darby Equipment and Industrial Vacuum Equipment Corporation in order to find out the type of trucks and their prices that currently have available for sale.

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